Black Tar

For the Love of Heroin

​​Black Tar is an auto-biographical look at the use of black tar heroin and the toll it takes on the addict and his surroundings.  It is  written from an addict's perspective and details the day to day existence  of one junkie as he lives from fix to fix and watches as his life spirals into drug addiction. From alcoholism, pills and Cocaine to black tar heroin. His attempts to free himself and live a sober life are always half-hearted at best and so his casual drug use spirals from a clean life, with a job and the hope of a family to a heroin addict; homeless, living hand to mouth - unemployed and desperate on the streets. In this smack tinted world the extremes for a junkie are simple: Herion abuse and death by overdose. This book deals with drug abuse and drug addiction. Specially Black Tar heroin. Also known as smack, junk, dope and girl. It also deals with heroin withdrawal and follows our main man as he suffers through his share of both. Ultimately he finds himself dangling between the heroin  that will kill him and sobriety.

"I must confess I don't read books about drugs or drug use. However, my cousin could not stop talking about "Black Tar" so I thought I'd give it a try. I couldn't put it down. I was amazed by the similarities of addiction and withdrawal from heroin that I had watched my cousin go through last year. My cousin is still clean and he had a lot of help. But in the back of my head, I can't help thinking it had something to do with this book. Thank you Stephen Crockett" (Mary Sue-Ellen Martin)

"Thank you Stephen Crockett for writing "Black Tar:  For the Love of Heroin." I am a former heroin junkie who has been clean for almost two years. I could never get my parents to understand the horrible life junkies live until I shared "Black Tar" with them. Several times I even caught my father crying and he would ask me if I had went through what you were describing in the book. When I said "yes" he literally sobbed. The only thing he could say was "I had no idea." Thank you for helping me with my soberity and for helping me make my parents understand what a hell of a life junkies live. It has made us a family again." (Lyssa Logan)

" The Dark Man was a show stopper. A real page turner from page one to the very end. One warning once  you start you will not put it down. Stephen E  Crockett is one hell of  story teller." (Steve Sinclair Ross)


"Books do not always spark my attention. Black Tar did. And the reason it did is because I to have struggled with addiction my entire adult life. Having had my own experience with heroin I can relate to much of what is explained in this book. Crockett couldn't explain the emotions any better, or the depressing events any clearer. This is much like any story of an addict with a few different twists. I love the ending, because usually they don't end with living to tell the story. I only ended the book with a want for more, but only to realize, that's it. And there is no more to tell." (Marty Sheehan)


"Diary of a Drug Addict" is a breath-taking, heart-stopping story of drug addiction and personal salvation collection of short stories. It is loaded with the unexpected and Stephen Crockett keeps you on the edge of your chair. This is definitely a must read if you love short story collection." (Marky Bailrey)  

"Having read "The Dark Man" I took the authors suggestion and read "Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin" and damn was I totally blown away. I couldn't imagine a better book than "The Dark Man." Authors like Stephen Crockett make reading exciting."(Steve Ross)

"I usually don't read books by authors I've never heard of. But in searching Amazon for something knew by Stephen King I came across "The Dark Man." A title they just so happen to share. So I bought them both and Stephen Crockett's version of "The Dark Man" just blew me away. The book is to intense to describe in a paragraph but I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, psychological thriller. I promise you, you won't be disappointed." (Doty Driver)

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