The books reviewed on this website represent my work in the adult horror genre. My stories are drawn from real life pain and loss so a good part of each is, in effect, true. Of course, I have taken a writer's liberty with each but the truth is never forgotten no matter how I present the facts. As a result, every one of these books can be traced to a specific location and a specific person or group of people. 




"The Dark Man," (2009), is based on circumstances that began in Advance, North Carolina in the early 1930's. By the time this book was written, no less than fifteen people had mysteriously lost their lives on that farm with the latest being its current owner who died in a tragic, suspicious fire that consumed one of its main barns. This latest victim was named Scott Clemmons and the particulars of his life are well known to the surrounding community. Scott was abused at an early age by a violent alcoholic father who murdered his mother in front of him when he was only twelve years old. By his eighteenth birthday, he was dealing with his own increasing paranoia and insanity. There is ample evidence to prove that Scott murdered his father to avenge his mother's death and then attempted to protect himself from attacks he believed were being launched by his father's disembodied soul. He leaned heavily on alcohol during his twenties as he tried to defend himself from a mysterious Dark Man he believed was haunting the farm. This aberration slowly but surely destroyed everything Scott held dear and while he fought long and hard to live a normal life, that was just not meant to be. As the years ticked away this mysterious "Dark Man" consumed each and every part of Scott's life, from his soul to his sanity, to the one and only love of his life and in the end, this evil aberration consumed Scott as well.




"Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin" was written in 2010 as an auto-biographical look at the use of heroin and the toll it takes on the addict. It is written from an addict's perspective and details the day to day existence of one junkie as he lives from fix to fix and watches his life spiral from alcohol, pills, and cocaine to heroin and intravenous drug use. His attempts to free himself and live a sober life are always half-hearted and his casual drug use spirals from a clean life, with a job and the hope of a family to a heroin addict; living hand to mouth, unemployed and on the street. In this smack tinted world, our junkie bounces back and forth between the extremes of overdose and withdrawal, both of which have the very real ability to kill him. Life is desperate for junkies and all too often they find themselves dangling between the fix that will kill them and the sobriety that will let them live a normal, productive life.




Ocular: The Monster in the Mirror, details a fight to the death between a family struggling to survive in a house haunted by otherworld entities that gain access to the physical world by means of an ancient mirror that had been concealed in a wall and accidently discovered by the family shortly after they move into the house. Within this mirror, there is a reflection and a depth that proves to be a whole different world. In this hidden world, nightmares come true, monsters are real, and a man can quickly find himself hunted by creatures he knows nothing about, in a world he has absolutely no control over.




Following Hurricane Donna, a struggling family of four follows their dream to own a house. They run the real estate gauntlet, finding nothing they like until their agent shows them the last house on her list. A run-down Victorian style mansion sitting alone on a piece of property known as Knob Hill. It looms over the valley like a giant gargoyle and has a bad reputation among the locals who believe the place is haunted. Undeterred by local lure the family buys the house and moves in. But just as they are settling into their new home, the nightmare begins. A silent, residing evil possesses the only son and establishes a connection that slowly but surely guides this innocent child through horrible visions of the house's violent past. When he is commanded to exact the same horrors on his own family he does as instructed until there is no one left but himself. The demon then reclaims the house, which as the neighbors well know, has been its all along.





"The Island" delves deeply into the murder and madness of an extra-marital affair. It is manic sex, erotic in the extreme, with an ending that is both shocking and predictable given the circumstances. It all takes place on a small island off the South Carolina coast. There we find a beautiful young woman whose life has been marred by grief and tragedy. Her world is dark and loveless. Her marriage is miserable and the pain of losing her only child has almost destroyed her. Her pain is as real as the ocean that surrounds her and she has long made peace with the relief committing suicide would bring.

And then a chance encounter with an uninspired writer turns romantic and although she’s married, she allows this stranger to sweep her off her feet with promises of a Summer she will never forget. For a time, their affair is a whirlwind of pleasure; wine, sex, and cocaine. The excitement engulfs them and their secret affair is all consuming. As they share their darkest secrets she lets slip the fact that she is married to the island’s cocaine kingpin. He is a shrewd, evil man with illegal resources and no known weaknesses. Once he learns of their affair he swears his revenge and they are both suddenly in great danger. As more details of their affair emerge, her husband's contempt boils into a rage he cannot contain. They know their disappearance would be nothing more than passing gossip and the question is not if he will seek his revenge but when.




"Diary of a Drug Addict" is meant to be a companion piece for Black Tar. It highlights the heroin addiction of a former junkie as he looks back over his drug-addicted life. From his days experimenting with "gateway drugs" to his spiraling descent, through every available illegal drug - into the hell of heroin addiction. He gets pushed by heroin from a manageable addiction, through the loss of everything he owns, to a homeless, jobless addict living under a downtown highway bridge. At his lowest point, suicide seems to be the only way out, but when he finally hits rock bottom he realizes that despite the mess, muck, and blood his life is still salvageable and that means salvation is still possible. If only he can stay away from the needle and with this second chance pursue a sober, successful life.




A group of young friend's form a club to investigate occult subjects. From witchcraft to mysticism, to magic. They get together on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In the beginning, nothing much comes from their persistence but then someone suggests they test the workings of a Ouija Board to see if there is any truth to its fabled ability. Their main objective is to see if they can use the board to summon invisible forces from the other side. Their experiment quickly gets out of hand and all but one abandons the project. This last standing member of the group takes the Ouija Board home and continues using it to contact spirits. Demons or Angels? He can't be sure until they turn on him leaving little doubt as to what he has been dealing with.




On a south-eastern Virginia farm, a dirt-water, back-woods rendition of fundamentalist Christianity rears its ugly head. Spurred on by a little red book, written by a mysterious missionary, one man's brain is being cooked to a festering boil by a deep misunderstanding of basic religion and Biblical principle. He uses his Bible and that little red book to terrorize his family in the name of religion and stews in a vat of ignorance and superstition from which springs forth his most unholy doctrine. He would readily inflict his insidious beliefs on his family were it not for his wife, who will have none of it, and stands ready to protect her children from what she believes is his religious insanity. And then the puppet master comes to town masquerading as a stern, mysterious missionary with a plan to build a network of church's based on the dictates of his little red book. The Ponzi scheme unfolds as the farm is sold and the family moves to the North Carolina location where the network's first church is to be built. It is here that the gloves come off and shellacking truly begins. Church attendance ebbs and flows as its unholy reality is slowly realized by those who try to make it a part of their lives. What they feel, and perhaps see, is an underlying evil that makes sure nobody hangs around too long. A core group of member's fight to keep the church alive. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the church evolves from great hope and possibility to empty pews and spiritual bankruptcy.


                                         *  *  *


To be honest, there are stories in these collections that scare me and when asked about their autobiographical nature I can only say; “I have been writing about one subject or another for as long as I can remember. When you write all the time you never lose anything. You may not know how subjects are going to develop but if you faithfully capture them, in files and folders, they stand ready to be a part of one story or the other. High School drew the writer in me to the surface and it became an obsession that I have fed every day of every week for as many years as I can remember.  


The early years of my life, particularly my late teens and early twenties were heavily influenced by substance abuse and living life at a pace that kills. Living through the dangers of serious drug abuse was no small feat, but to emerge with stories to tell is an accomplishment that is almost never heard of. But here I am ready to reveal my treasures. To tell my stories and regale you with tales of which it may seem impossible to survive. Mine is a soul shaped by gritty, life changing experiences. Living it and writing it down as it happened and then weaving its various parts into a whole is not an easy thing to do. 


This period instilled in me a strong desire to write stories where truth guided my pen so I weave truth and fiction into every story I write. I am blessed with a keen sense of literary creativity and am able to draw from a reservoir of dramatic experiences that have shaped my world and colored my life. 


The subjects captured in the books I have published are the result of the last forty years of living. I have always felt it reasonable to assume that experiences and certain veins of knowledge could be turned into books. For that reason, I have always felt it critical to write down everything that crosses my path. "Weak ink is better than a strong mind." Nobody can be expected to remember everything - or with time anything - so writing down everything is critical to storytelling.


There's a lot of death and substance abuse in my writings and they are mirror images of my life. I have lost a lot of friends to drugs and car accidents and truthfully I am amazed to be alive. But that's life when you lose yourself in drugs for a long period of time. Heroin and alcohol are unforgivable but there is a lesson to be learned so I'm sharing my experiences and while I may be accused of giving certain stories a romantic slant the truth still comes through and the nasty, gritty side of drug addiction is not lost or forgotten. I have spent a lot of time writing about the darkness of heroin abuse and the horrors of being homeless, penniless and friendless. Drugs will do that to you and the road back to sobriety is a long one. Should you live through it the adventure can only be described as incredible.


The decision to turn my stories into books has been a long, hard road and writing at a professional level takes long hours and patient editors. I've been blessed with good help along the way and while my support has changed from time to time I have a team of editors and artist that make my books the success they are.  







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