In this library you will find stories of love and addiction, of haunted farms and dysfunctional people. Of demons and monsters called forth from their graves. Of dreams whose characters we dare only whisper and hallucinations as real as the dust from which they are spun. Here, within these pages lie the biographies of many strange, retched characters, the occasional friend, and that one lucid muse, who has stories to be told. My stories are true - or I should say - they enjoy the essence of truth. Every character has drawn breath on this earth and many friends have died along the way. They're stories are titillating, my characters diverse and their lives between these pages are as mysterious as they are murderous.
                The Puppet Master 



On a south-eastern Virginia farm, a dirt-water, back-woods rendition of fundamentalist Christianity dares rear its ugly head. Spurred on by a little red book, written by a mysterious missionary, one man's brain is being cooked to a festering boil based solely on a deep misunderstanding of basic religion and Biblical principle. He uses his Bible and that little red book to terrorize his family in the name of religion and stews in a vat of ignorance and superstition from which springs forth his most unholy doctrine. He would readily inflict his insidious beliefs on his family were it not for his wife, who will have none of it, and stands ready to protect her children from what she believes is her husband's religious insanity. And then the puppet master reveals himself as the missionary in question, who comes to town with an extensive plan to build a network of church's based on the dictates of his little red book. The farm is sold and the family moves from Virginia to the North Carolina location where the first church is to be built. It is here that the shellacking begins. The church attracts its fair share of attention, however, nobody hangs around long as the church evolves from great hope and possibility; to empty pews and bankruptcy.

             BLACK TAR
Black Tar is a biographical look at the use of heroin and the toll it takes on the addict. It is written from an addict's perspective and details the day to day existence of one junkie as he lives from fix to fix and watches as his life spirals from alcohol, pills, and Cocaine to heroin and intravenous drug use. His attempts to free himself and live a sober life are always half-hearted at best and so his casual drug use spirals from a clean life, with a job and the hope of a family to a heroin addict; living hand to mouth - unemployed and desperate on the mean city streets. In this smack tinted world, our junkie bounces back and forth between the extremes of overdose and withdrawal, both of which have the ability to kill him. Life is desperate for a junkie and all too often they find themselves dangling between the fix that will kill him and the sobriety that will let him live.
Scott Clemmons lives in a world of hurt. Abused by an alcoholic father who murders his mother when he is only twelve years old, Scott must deal with his own increasing paranoia and insanity. An hallucinatory crow helps him murder his father to avenge his mother’s death and then attempts to protect him from attacks that Scott believes is launched by his father’s disembodied soul. As he spirals into alcoholism he must defend himself from "The Dark Man" who haunts the farm on which he lives and seeks to destroy everything that he holds dear. Scott fights hard to live a normal life and for a few short years is able to do so. However, as time passes "The Dark Man" consumes each and every part of his life, from his sanity to the love of his life and in the end this evil aberration consumes Scott as well. This story contains graphic depictions of demonic possession, domestic abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, murder, death and suicide. 
A group of young friends form a club to investigate occult subjects. From witchcraft, to mysticism, to magic. They get together on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In the beginning nothing much comes from their persistence but then one of them suggest they test the workings of a Ouija Board to see if there is any truth to its fabled abilities. Their main objective is to see if they can use it to summon invisible forces from the other side. Their experiment quickly gets out of hand and all but one abandons the project. This last standing member of the group takes the Ouija Board home and continues using it to contact spirits. Demons or Angels? He can't be sure until they turn on him leaving little doubt in his mind as to what he has been dealing with.
A heroin addict looks back over a life of misery and addiction. From his earliest days experimenting with "gate-way drugs" to his spiraling descent, through every available illegal drug - into the hell of heroin addiction. He gets pushed by his addiction to heroin from a manageable addiction that he can control, through the loss of everything he owns and holds near and dear to his life. Heroin becomes his ever-present companion and over the years it turns him into a homeless, jobless heroin addict living under a downtown highway bridge. At his lowest, suicide seems to be the only way out, but when he finally hits rock bottom he realizes that in the mess, the muck and the blood that his life has become, salvation may still be possible. If only he can stay away from the needle and be as successful sober as he had been as a drug addict.


   The Monster in the Mirror


Within every mirror, there is a reflection and within every reflection, there is a world. It may be as simple as your face in the morning or as complex as the world behind you. But not every mirror projects a reflection of whatever you place in front of it. Some mirrors have depth and in that depth, there hides another world. A realm you will never see unless you go looking for it. 

Sometimes you find it, most times you don't. Those that do open themselves up to a realm beyond our physical world. A place where dreams hide and nightmares come true. Where monsters are real, and a man can quickly find himself hunted, by creatures he knows nothing about and has no control over.


  Knob Hill: The Grey House Murders


Following Hurricane Donna, a struggling family of four follows their dream to own a house. They run the real estate gauntlet, never finding anything they like until their agent shows them the last house on her list. A run-down Victorian style mansion sitting all alone on a piece of property the locals call Knob Hill. It looms over the valley like some gargoyle and is known to the locals as a place of great horror. Undeterred the family buys the house and begins remodeling it. But just as they are settling in the nightmare begins. A silent, residing evil force reaches out to the oldest child and establishes a connection that slowly but surely guides him through the house's violent past. When he is commanded to exact the same horror on his own family he does as he is instructed, skillfully killing until there is no one left but himself and the demon who then drives him to suicide thereby reclaiming the house that has been its all along.



On a small island off the Carolina coast, there lives a beautiful woman whose life is marred by grief and tragedy. Her world is dark and loveless. Her marriage is miserable and the pain of losing her only child has almost destroyed her. Her pain is as real as the ocean that surrounds her and she has long made peace with the idea of committing suicide. And then a chance encounter with an uninspired writer turns romantic and although she’s married, she allows this stranger to swept her off her feet and into his arms with promises of a Summer she will never forget. For a time, their affair is a whirlwind of sex, wine, and cocaine. A life of excitement and pleasure await them at every turn and their secret affair is all consuming. As they share their darkest secrets she lets slip the fact that her husband is the island’s cocaine kingpin. He is a shrewd, evil man with illegal resources and no weaknesses. Once he learns of their affair we swears his revenge and they are suddenly in great danger. As more and more details of the affair emerge her husband’s contempt boils into a rage he cannot contain. They know their disappearance would be nothing more than passing gossip and the question is not if he will seek his revenge but when and as she knows far too well, his actions will destroy everything and completely.


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