I am proud to announce that my new book, "Devil's Kin" will be published in July of 2013. 

Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin


Black Tar is an auto-biographical look at the use of heroin and the toll it takes on the addict and his surroundings.  It is  written from an addict's perspective and details the day to day existence  of one junkie as he lives from fix to fix and watches as his life spirals from alcohol, pills and Cocaine to heroin. His attempts to free himself and live a sober life are always half hearted at best and so his casual drug use spirals from a clean life, with a job and the hope of a family to a heroin addict; living hand to mouth - unemployed and desperate on the streets of Winston Salem. In this smack tinted world the extremes are overdose and withdrawal and our leading man suffers through his share of both. In the end he finds himself dangling between the fix that will kill him and sobriety.



The Devil's Farm

This story is, for those living in one small North Carolina, a local legend. There are a few who  will you that every family who has lived on this farm died violent, mysterious deaths. According to those willing to talk about it the farmhouse and its barns are haunted by a dark, evil power. They believe that the farm is  haunted by an old man who built a moonshine still in one of the barns. One night the still exploded, leveling the barn and burning the old man beyond recognition. No one knew his name and nobody stepped  up to claim his body. So he was buried in the local cemetery and forgotten. Every decade or so someone will move the farm try to work it. Rumor has it that they are all driven insane. Some managed to get away, but most are caught in his trap and never escape.


The Dark Man

Scott Clemmons lives in a world of hurt. Abused by an alcoholic father who murders his mother when he is only twelve years old, Scott must deal with his own increasing paranoia and insanity. An hallucinatory crow helps him murder his father to avenge his mother’s death and then attempts to protect him from attacks that Scott believes is launched by his father’s disembodied soul. As he spirals into alcoholism he must defend himself from a dark man who haunts the farm on which he lives and seeks to destroy everything that he holds dear. Scott fights hard to live a normal life and for a few short years is able to do so. However, as time passes the dark man consumes each and every part of his life, from his sanity to the love of his life and in the end this evil aberration consumes Scott as well.


Wicked Tales from a Twisted Mind

In "Twisted Mind" we find wicked tales of demonic possession and wicked Ouija boards, serial murderers, heroin addiction, suicide, overdose, alcoholism and homelessness. Stephen does an incredible job of painting the horrors of drug addiction,  homelessness, demonic possession and mass murder in a light not often shone on these subject by other writers. In fact, it is safe to say that most writers avoid these subjects, which makes this collection an incredible read for those who enjoy the thrills and chills that come with exploring these topics.